Mackenzie McFate   

Welcome to Mackenzie's personal server!
This is a temporary portfolio space while my official portfolio and blog are under construction. Thank you for your patience and interest in my work!

Build 20

  Alumni Oral Histories

I helped develop the workflow for Grinnell College’s Alumni Oral Histories Project, and transcribed more than a few of the interviews available today.

  Summitt Dweller's Landing Page

A first run at setting up a landing page. Look familiar?

  Visualizing Abolition and Freedom

Visualizing Abolition and Freedom is a static site developed for Grinnell College, using Hugo.

  Mackenzie's Personal Blog

My apologies; my official blog is under construction at this time.

  My Portfolio

Check back from time to time for more projects!

  The Catalogue

We live in a neighborhood inhabited by a ton of feral cats. We like to keep an eye on them, so this is a catalogue of sorts, to help us differentiate between the different cats that come and go. (This is a work in progress.)